Working Groups


EYP Portugal counts on the combined efforts of many of its members to aid the Board in carrying out several of their functions. These volunteers can apply to different Working Groups at any point throughout the year, and are organised in the following teams:

Working Group on Fundraising

As the name suggests, the goal of the Fundraising Working Group is to raise funds to improve the quality of events organised by us. These supports are obtained through applications for support funds and by establishing relations with entities external to the association. This year there will be a special focus on ascertaining whether or not we’re capable of fundraising for an International Session.

Working Group on Image and Public Relations

The Image and Public Relations working group, as the name states, focuses on the image of EYP Portugal. In this Working Group we create the graphic output for our sessions, come up with and design all our content for social media, design merchandise, and many other things that make up our whole graphic identity. The goal is for the members to be able to express themselves creatively, while also learning new skills related to graphic design, social media & EYP Portugal itself.

Working Group on Regional Development

The main objective of the Regional Development Working Group is to ensure and provide an inclusive environment for all in the association.   The members of the working group will have the opportunity to be responsible for the inclusion and monitoring of delegations, and the expansion of our project through the development of strategies, objectives and possible small-scale events. The focus of this year will be to start to explore our options in the south of Portugal and to develop a Southern Strategy that aims at defining the objectives we have for the Lisbon, Alentejo and Algarve regions.

Working Group on Sustainability

This Working Group will not be opening a call this year, as its main objective was to elaborate a Strategy Document for Events. The current members will be finishing the document in the next couple of months, and after that, the group will cease to exist. Sustainability work will be done by the whole Board, taking into consideration the strategy from the Working Group.

Working Group on Policy Implementation

Being part of the Safe Core Team, it makes sense to take on this Working Group in a Welfare direction, aiding in the further implementation of the policies in place to safeguard Welfare and ensure a safe and welcoming environment within the National Committee and at sessions. These policies play a key role in ensuring all members and participants of EYP Portugal and its events are able to take advantage of their experiences and that these are always the most beneficial and positive for those taking part. For this upcoming year, my vision for this Working Group is to make sure we develop a streamlined system and integrate all welfare considerations both in the board’s day to day decisions and work, as well as in the event planning process, guaranteeing and overseeing the processes in place and that will be established to ensure that all members and participants feel safe and welcome in our National Committee and during our sessions.

Working Group on Risk Management

The aim of the Risk Management Working Group is to assess and create an action plan to tackle different possible scenarios that might arise during EYP Portugal’s events. On an initial phase, the Working Group will focus mainly on adapting our events to the current state of the COVID-19 pandemic. Afterwards, the goal will be to create clear guidelines for Organising Teams on how to prevent, prepare for and manage situations such as health emergencies and accidents.

Working Group on Legal Affairs

APPEJ’s legal documents are a very tangled rope – characterized by the words incoherent, messy and inconsistent, it urges the need to put an end to it for the next generations of portuguese EYPers. And that is what we intend to do with this Working roup. Focusing on the four main legal documents in APPEJ, it is our goal to match them all together to see what fits and what doesn’t and then focus on each of them individually. After that, we intend to do the same process we did in the beginning and match them all together and it will (hopefully) all be sorted. Even though we don’t have this quite structured yet, our idea is to create “task forces” for each legal document- we would firstly work all together in the “match” of the legal documents and then we would divide and conquer- one legal document, one task force.