Our Mission


The European Youth Parliament is a peer-to-peer educational programme that brings together young people from across Europe to debate the pressing issues of our time. Our mission is to inspire and empower young Europeans to be open-minded, tolerant and active citizens.

What We Do

Open Forum for Youth

We provide a forum for young people to develop and express their opinions on European political and social issues in an open and welcoming environment.

Intercultural Dialogue

We support intercultural understanding and peacebuilding by bringing young Europeans with different backgrounds closer together to share ideas, opinions and practices.

Skills Development

We present young people across Europe with diverse opportunities for personal growth and skills development through non-formal and peer-led educational activities.

Network of Changemakers

We create a network of the next generation of diverse, young changemakers, equipped with the knowledge and skills needed to positively shape the world around them.

Open and welcoming place

“EYP Portugal has always been, in my eyes, an open and welcoming place, where I come back to not just for the events but for the true friends I’ve made. It’s an NC to which I would always be excited to come back!”

Sabina Şancu
President of the event Covilhã 2019 and member of the EYP Network

Shaped my life

“The European Youth Parliament Portugal shaped my life and who I am. It taught me how to debate, challenged me and showed me what Europe is about: different people, with different cultures, ideas and life stories, coming together to solve common problems.”

José Eduardo Feio
Former President of EYP Portugal and former Vice-Chair of the Board of National Committees of the EYP

Everyone is invited to be themselves

“EYP Portugal has developed so much over the years. It has become an inclusive and open group of volunteers and friends, in which everyone is invited to be themselves and help bring the EYP project further, and to more young people in Portugal and Europe.”

Laura Teixeira
Former President of EYP Portugal

Unforgettable experiences, invaluable lessons

“Following my first National Selection Conference (Lisbon 2003), and a long hiatus during which I was active only internationally, going back to the EYP Portugal in 2012 was a wonderful experience. Between then and 2016, I was lucky to take part in Alumni Weekends, run Training Courses for Chairpersons, accompany Teachers and be a Juror at various National Selection Conferences, preside to two emblematic events (Abrantes 2014 and Braga 2016) and work as a member of the National Committee’s Advisory Board. All of these have been unforgettable experiences which have taught me invaluable lessons. I shall cherish those forever, together with the many outstanding individuals I met and the friends I made in those four years. Thank you!”

Tiago Correia Machado
Honorary Member of EYP Portugal

Huge opportunities for young people

“It has always been a pleasure to work with EYP Portugal. Indeed, participating in EYP Portugal’s events allowed me to grow on a personal and professional level. Overall, EYP Portugal is offering huge opportunities for young people to develop their sense of initiative and discover amazing individuals from all over Europe!”

Kilian Tranchant
Alumni of EYP Portugal and Former Vice President of EYP Luxembourg

Most innovative, engaging and enriching project

“EYP Portugal entered my life as a teacher in 2004 and transformed it to this day. I accepted the enormous and unparalleled challenge of being part of the EYP PT Board, as Vice President, between 2009 and 2013 and I consider that, due to its academic, social and cultural aspects, this is the most innovative, engaging and enriching project in which I had the opportunity to participate and make known to so many students. In the words of a student of mine: “The EYP is like a chocolate cake: when you try it, you can never stop eating…” “

Maria Eduarda Moreira
Teacher, Honorary Member and former Vice President of the EYP Portugal

Extraordinary organisation

“EYP Portugal is an extraordinary organisation that is built and maintained by competent young people aspiring to make a difference, to be their best and to have fun. From the moment I began working with them, EYP Portugal was truly welcoming and supportive, and in it, I found both growth and friendships.”

Hannes Ahlvin
President of Coimbra 2019 – International Forum of EYP PT and former Chair of the Board of National Committees of the EYP

Facts and Figures

The EYP network is active in 40 countries across Europe

More than 30,000 young people, including 3,500 volunteers, take part in EYP events every year

Over 500 EYP events are organised every year across Europe (at local, national and international levels)

Since 1987, the number of EYP alumni has grown to over 200,000