Join EYP Portugal


EYP goes beyond individual events. It is an inclusive, informal education project for the personal development of all its participants. Within the organization, you will have the opportunity to explore your potential as a Chairperson, Organiser, Journalist and other positions. You will be able to travel and come into contact with other cultures in their purest and most natural form, and you will be able to look back on this moment and this session as a turning point in your young life.

As a member, you can get involved in EYP Portugal and develop not only your participation in youth involvement but also your career in EYP, at a national and international level.

To become a member of EYP Portugal you must have already participated in at least one event organized by us or by another National Committee of the EYP network. After your registration has been made official you can apply for all EYP events as an Official, as well as participate in the National Meetings of Members and the General Assemblies of Members, thus contributing to the growth and development of the association.


To become a member, send an email to Francisco Moura, at, with the following information:

    1. Name
    2. Date of Birth
    3. Address
    4. Session History
    5. Email and phone contact
    6. Link to Facebook profile