The Board of EYP Portugal

The National Committee Board of EYP Portugal is the permanent structure and representative of the members of the EYP network in Portugal. Their responsibilities include the day-to-day management of the legal and administrative affairs of the National Committee, as well as defining, alongside the members of EYP Portugal, strategies for the advancement of the EYP’s values in each of its different areas of action. The Board is elected by the Members for a one-year term, alongside two other bodies – the Advisory Board, and the General Assembly Board – that assist and provide oversight to its activities.

The Board of EYP Portugal’s General Assembly

The General Assembly Board’s main tasks include convoking, directing and guiding the General Assemblies of EYP Portugal and resolving disputes resulting from doubts in the interpretation of the Association’s Statutes and other legal documents. The General Assembly Board is essential towards the respect of the democratic functioning of EYP Portugal.

The Advisory Board of EYP Portugal

The Advisory Board is responsible for monitoring the compliance with the Statutes of EYP Portugal in the activities carried out by the association. Other tasks carried out by this Governing Body are the release of a written statement on the Annual Accounts Report, presented by the Board of EYP Portugal, and to issue other assessments foreseen in the Association’s Statutes, or that is requested by a Member of the Association or another Governing Body. The Advisory Board is independent of any other body of the Association and, in its performance, observes only legal and accounting criteria.