Event Formats


Regional Selection Conferences

Regional Selection Conferences are three-day sessions, being one of Teambuilding, one of Committee Work and one of the General Assembly. Usually, it is the first contact with EYP a person has, and you can apply as an individual Delegate, or through your school, if you speak to your teachers and apply as a Delegation, going with a group of other students.


National Selection Conferences

The National Selection Conference is usually the flagship event of EYP Portugal. Its format is quite similar to a Regional Session, with the differences being that the National Session lasts four days for Delegates and five for Officials, having two days of Committee Work. 

Overall, it is a bigger session, and the entirety of the delegates present (for the exception of International Delegates) must be selected from a Regional Selection Conference, with the opportunity of further being selected to an even bigger event, such as an International Session.


International Sessions

International Sessions are the flagship events of the EYP, being Organised with the overhead EYP organisation. The EYP organises three International Sessions every year. Each of them brings together about 300 young people for 9 days from around 40 European countries. This is the biggest session you can attend within the network, and you can be selected to go either by your National Committee (in this case, EYP Portugal), or from a National Selection Conference.


Other EYP Portugal Events

University Students’ Session

The University Students’ Session is a concept in its late stages of development and its purpose is to open an unprecedented opportunity in EYP Portugal by allowing university students to participate in EYP events just as often and consistently as highschool students. These sessions will be considerably smaller than other EYP events and the sessions’ format will be slightly different as to adapt to its significantly smaller scale. In the past, university students have shown to be especially interested and capable of participating in EYP events and this event will hopefully lift the restrictions that older students currently have from participating in sessions because of the limitations of the EYP structure.

International Forums

International Forums are large-scale events, with the duration of around a week, usually meant for older Delegates, such as university students. They are not very regular, but you can apply to one as an Individual Delegate.

Members’ Weekend

Members’ Weekends usually happen in EYP Portugal twice a year (summer and winter), and it is a time for the members to relax, spend time together and get to know each other!