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Interview with Carolina Sandeman & Teresa Sandeman

Diversity and Inclusion are key values of the European Youth Parliament (EYP) and it represents one of the six pillars in the 2021-2025 International Strategy of the EYP.

Organisations that intend to remain relevant today and long into the future recognize the strategic importance of diversity and inclusion in their practices. 

In recent years, Inclusion has become a topic of discussion within the EYP, and the need to prioritise it has become increasingly clear. Although the EYP largely fosters an open and accepting social environment, there remain many structural barriers both to initial participation and to the development within the organisation.

Having in mind the relevance of this topic, we interviewed Carolina Sandeman - the EYP Portugal’s National Safe Person - and Teresa Sandeman - President of EYP Portugal - to understand the needs of our association and how to improve our practices to be more inclusive.